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Racquet War Hall Of Fame

Racquet War Hall of Fame is a list of a players who have played in 5 or more tournaments with us over the years. This is a special group of players and without their support Racquet War would not be what it is today. We will always go out of our way to recognize these special individuals.

Name City From Tournaments Played
Todd Alvarez Orlando, FL 9
Jerri Buck Geneva, FL  8
Kathi Thomas Orlando, FL 8
Betty Coppic Destin, FL 6
Jay Coppic Destin, FL 6
Shirley Landers Temecula, CA  6
Zaira Morales Weston, FL 6
Angela Laurite Atlanta, GA 5
Ann Harple Ocala, FL 5
Barbara Charles Stuart, FL 5
Frank Aiello Ocala, FL 5
Jim  Smiechewicz Palm Coast, FL 5
Jim Hafner Fort Myers, FL 5
Kate Power Atlanta, GA 5
Kay Forsberg Palm Coast, FL 5
Krissie Blair Atlanta, GA 5
Linda Hafner Fort Myers, FL 5
Lynn Henricks Apollo Beach, FL 5
Mark Hassett Stuart, FL 5
Nancy Calhoun Atlanta, GA 5
Pam Ricci Temecula, CA  5