Offering Competitive Tennis Tournaments for Adults

Waterfall Amelia Island Regional 2018 - Draws and Schedule

The most awaited event of the season is here.

Below is a list of players eligible for the Thursday night clinic at 5:00. To be eligible you should be arriving on Thursday and staying at the Resort through Racquet War or have paid extra have added on the clinic. If you would like to attend the clinic you can add it for $25 a person here  Add Clinic. Please email us at if you will not be attending the clinic so we can allow more players in.

Amy Beaverson Kristian Ruiz
Andre Barbarossa Laura West
Andrea Wymer Linda Fothe
Annette Kizy Lynh Pham
Beth Wymer Lynn Pilato
Betty Coppic Lynsey Rini
Brian Edenfield Mark DiMaria
Brittany Barhite Mark Leavenworth
Chris Becherer Mike Guest
Christine Story Monica Roberts
Colleen Mcnatt Nancy Currea
Dara Sacchitello Nicole Tremblay
Denise Kizy Pam Bautista
Denise Nisbett Penny Duren
Eileeen Frattaroli Richard Bland
Elisa Hall Roberta Patrick
Jay Coppic Robyn Asbury
Jen Sanderson Susan Minter
Jennifer Kraus Suzanne Barbarossa
Karleen Vrzal Tina Andrews
Kathleen  Hobus Tricia Vanloo
Kimberly Stark Vince Menard
Krista Carlson Yvette McPherson
Kristi Swor Zaira Morales