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  • Below is a list of players elibible for the Thursday night clinic. To be eligible you should be arriving on Thursday night and staying at the Resort or paid extra for the clinic. We need to get a head count for those of you who would like to take place in the free one hour clinic from either 4:00-5:00 or 5:00-6:00.  We can only take so many for each time slot so first come first get. You can email me back your desired time slot at Info@racquetwar.com.

    4:00-5:00  5:00-6:00
    Adriana Marshall Allison Skinner
    Betsy Dobson Barbara Holmsten
    Cliff Morris Claire Griffin
    Colette Koster Darlene Lowrie
    Dana Heyman Donna Granholm
    David Aitchison Donna Torgerson
    David Plane Eileen Benson
    Dawn Owens Erin Chamberlin
    Diane Allison Greg Medeiros
    Donna Aquino Janet Coleman
    Eric Mok Jen Traeger
    Eva Froyd Jennifer Hatch
    Gerry Treadway Jennifer Perkins
    Jan Tibbles John Reca
    Janet Tallett Joy Fossett
    Janice Bittker Kathleen Olla
    Jeff Souza Kelly Estes
    Joan Prack Kendal Burrell
    Katherine Conrad Kim Kunst
    Kathy Wilkinson Kristin Dwyer
    Kevin Collins Laura Gallagher
    Laura Montenegro Lela Fossett
    Linda Lewis Lindsy Lyons
    Linda Wheeler Lisa Smith
    Lynn Presley Liz Notti
    Nancy Kidd Mara Zeldin
    Patrick Tibbles Mark Rezac
    Patti Kushner Michelle Lewis
    Rick Bradley Michelle Nardone
    Rob Froyd Nancy Berryhill
    Robin Beck Nancy Mellen
    Robin Bunton Patrick O'donnel
    Ron Dujenski Penny Davis
    Sandra Stites Phaedra Seidel
    Sherri Nickerson Roberta Walsh
    Skipp Prack Robyn Kay
    Susan Fowler Sara Dees
    Suzanne Little Steve Mungle
    Taki Goto Steven Eperthener
    Tami Reyes Temi Flannery
    Yolanda Souza Yumiko Tokiwa