Offering Competitive Tennis Tournaments for Adults

Waterfall - San Diego, CA

  • Adult Waterfall Format

  • All Players who reserved their reservations through Racquet War get a free Party Ticket. Below is a list of players who are on the Friday night party list. If you will not be attending the Friday night party, please let us know by emailing at If you would like to attend the party or buy an extra ticket for someone you can add the party for $30 person. Party

    Ann Cronkhite Mark Bailey
    Barb Wood Mary McLean
    Brandi Renick-Smith Mary Pflanz
    Christine Carle Meera Rajan
    Debbie Chaput Michele Bourianoff
    Emily Leighton Michelle Dean
    Eva Froyd Michelle Lockwood
    Heather McGinnis Rick Rojo
    Helen Hansen Robert Froyd
    Jen Petersen Roberta Duncan
    Jennie Clarke Ronald Dujenski
    jill machovsky Ryan Murphey
    Joel Toy Seema Shah
    John Foster Sonia Prusaitis
    Julie Fuller Susan Browning
    Kelly Milligan Susan Fowler
    Kerri Munson Suzanne Baran
    Linda Bailey Tami DeGrosky
    Maki True Tung Le